• 12-JAN-2021

Meural Swivel Mount Accessory 27”

Swivel Mount

Meural Swivel Mount (MCAS27)

Product Name

Meural Swivel Mount (MCAS27)

Ecom Product Nomenclature

Meural Swivel Mount—Turn from horizontal to vertical

(MCAS27 -100PAS)

Product Descriptions


Effortlessly turn your Meural Canvas from vertical to horizontal, and back.

Access all of your art in seconds with the Swivel Mount—Effortlessly turn your Meural Canvas from vertical to horizontal orientations and back. It is lightweight and sturdy. Designed with maximum efficiency, it does a lot with a little. Setup is simple—An easy, one-time install, with no further maintenance required. It’s the must-have hanging mechanism for users who frequently discover new art, or showcase their own.

Ecom Bullet Points

  • One time installation
  • Securely holds Meural Canvas
  • Effortlessly rotate your Canvas from portrait to landscape and vise versa.

Product Specs.

Case Dimensions: 20.39 x 13.39 x 10.63 inches

Case Weight: 38.00 lbs.

Tech Specs.

Model Number


UPC Number


Package Contents

 • One (1) Swivel mount (MCAS27)

 • One (1) Swivel mount extension

 • One (1) Donut

 • Four (4) Donut screws

 • Two (2) Anchors

 • One (1) Liquid level

 • Set Up guide


 • 1 year technical warranty

Search Terms


Swivel wall mount

Rotatable wall mount


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